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Monday, 9 April 2012

I don't have the originals, a cousin does, but she did tell me it was fine if I shared them. This is the German copy of the letter written to Caroline from her mother Theresa.

I'm not sure how many letters we have, but there is a story behind them. Our cousin Faye was in her grandfather's attic, his name was Matthew, 5th or 6th child of John and Caroline. She saw a corner of a piece of paper sticking up through the boards of the attic floor. She pulled up the boards and there were the letters. Most had been removed from the envelopes and some of the stamps were missing.

I had a very good German friend, but she was unable to read the letters. So I contacted my paternal grandmother's family still living in Germany asking if there was anyone in their village that could still read the old German. There was and she and her mother translated the letters for me. Now, I must tell you, the translating is not exact, but good enough to know the content of the letters.

There were just these two letters from Caroline's family, the rest were from John's family, mainly a sister who was a nun in the Ursuline Convent in Galveston, TX.

Translation follows.



Geman letter from Theresa Rust Kuchenbuch to her step-daughter Karllina "Caroline" Kuchenbuch Nolte
rough translation of the letter above
German letter from Charles Kuchenbuch to his half-sister Karllina "Caroline" Kuchenbuch Nolte


Monday, 9 April 2012

Got them. What a wonderful thing to find! All the Kuchenbuchs here were in the bakery business. That's why Theresa was concerned with the price of flour and eggs.

I have the sister "Veronika" as Sophronia. They called her Frona, which is a nickname for both Sophronia and Veronika, as the "PH", "V" and "F" all make the same sound in German. I've seen her listed all three ways.

Thank you very much,



Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Good morning Rusty:

I'm so excited about this new avenue the Kuchenbuch family has taken me on. I have another cousin, Debbie, who is researching also. She is into it more heavily than myself. So are you in the Cincinnati area because Debbie and husband are going to be there next week (I think). Are there anymore bakeries in operation? If so can you give me the addresses? Any Kuchenbuch sites?

I feel a special kinship, not to Cincinnati, but to the Hamilton area, This was my father's birthplace. Thanks again, I wish you a good day.

Blessings, Betty


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