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The second box had pictures from the daughter's 1948 wedding, the son in World War II,  and the wife's family when she was growing up in the 1910s.

I contacted the great-granddaughter again. She and her husband have since moved back to Cincinnati and are about 20 minutes from me. It's been almost a week with no response, so it's on to plan B.

More than a dozen of the photos are professionally framed 8x10s and very dirty, and a photo album from the 1960s is coming apart. I took out all the pictures to scan and placed in envelopes, so now everything fits into one box. I'll give the old frames to my daughter for her art projects.

I have an old address for the son's widow in Kansas. I'll send a letter and a CD with photos. She's in her late 80s by now, and may have moved away. There's also a granddaughter in Kansas, but haven't been able to find an address yet..

I've done a partial genealogy going three generations back, plus three generations forward, but haven't found anyone on the web researching this direct line. Closest so far is a 2nd cousin.

Created a small GEDCOM of 40 people and uploaded it to, along with some photos. Hopefully someone interested will find them one day.

I'll probably post the unknown people up on

As for the physical prints, they'll just sit in a box for now. If no one claims them, I may just take them back to the apartment house and decorated the hall with them. The tenants are interested in the building's history, and may enjoy seeing some previous residents.

P.S. During my cleaning I also found photos and yearbooks belonging to another past tenant. But I know her dad, and it will be no trouble unloading them onto him.

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