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Cincinnati Enquirer, 23 Feb 1911, page 12 - "Sacrificed Forty Inches of Skin to Save Life of Brother Who Was Badly Burned" - "I only did what any brother would do," said Dominic Bezold, aged 19, a Kentucky country lad, who sacrificed forty inches of skin from his arms, legs and body in order that the life of his brother, Joseph Bezold, might be saved. The latter had been suffering in the Good Samaritan Hospital for seven weeks as the result of burns which he received in a gasoline explosion at the Kruse Hardware Company's plant on East Sixth street. The boy was terribly burned from his shoulders to his knees. It was finally decided to resort to the grafting of new skin, and the younger brother volunteered to submit to the removal of the skin from his body. Strip by strip the cuticle was peeled from the limbs of the man until many square inches of raw flesh were exposed. Both lads are rapidly recovering, and, although Dominic is suffering a little pain, he is gratified over the fact that he has been instrumental in effecting his brother's recovery.

Ambulance that brought Joe home from the hospital in 1911

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